Virtual reality banking app – our speech at FINOVATE in London

In the next days we will give a speech at the FINOVATE 2017 in London. Estzer and I will present our new Virtual Reality Banking App called ARCS. With this solution people can model their finances playfully.

I just left my bank

I just left my bank. They introduced a new digital platform that I did not like. So I switched.


In fact, the generation gap isn’t as big as you might think. I also just switched my bank because I was not satisfied with the digital service.

Remember how Tesla changed the automobile industry?

VR is not only a new way for storytelling. VR is one of those new technologies, that holds enormous potential for the banking industry. Or at least for those banks that are willing to embrace this technology.

Meaningful experiences instead of boring inferfaces

The online banking world is not an enjoyable place. Complicated interfaces and static numbers do not lay the foundation for a good customer experience.

Financial decision-making is driven by logic, but also by emotion and creative thinking.

Banks can engage better with their customers. Virtual reality (VR) can help doing that. VR can immerse customers in their financial world. Using vivid imagery, VR can trigger both the left and right side of the brain. Virtual reality can turn uninspiring numbers into a meaningful experience. More and more people lose track of their finances every day.

Money has become something virtual

Virtual Reality (VR) can solve this problem. You can give people the control of their finances by letting them actively model, experiment with them, avoid problems and plan for the future. With VR-banking you can motivate people to explore ways to invest or spend their money.

Together we can transform complicated and boring numbers into something that is an exciting experience for users. On stage we are going to show our VR Digital Banking App live with Estzers as a persona. You are invited to test it.

Get ready!

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