The CREALOGIX Community Platform for the Platform Economy

How do we develop software? In close exchange with our customers! We maintain this exchange long beyond the completion of the project. With our events, we bring our customers into direct contact with each other to establish relationships. But what would a pioneer of the digital customer experience in banking be without a web-based customer platform? We introduce: the CREALOGIX Community Platform!

The Agile Software Development Manifesto places individuals and interactions above processes and tools, and functioning software above comprehensive documentation. Meanwhile, working with the customer on contract negotiation and responding to change is prioritised ahead of simply following a plan. Of course, IT projects can only succeed if the other side is the right fit and the framework for what we do is clearly defined, but nevertheless: Our heart beats for the customer and our products live from the exchange with them. Our customers also value this cooperation. Many wanted an online platform upon which they could find all the information about their applications, to ask questions, express criticism and exchange ideas with colleagues from other banks.

Last year, we developed and launched our community platform for this purpose. All of our customers from Switzerland have already registered, and companies from Germany, Austria and the UK are already on board. The approximately 200 users currently enjoy a broad spectrum of possibilities: They can discuss current industry developments in a protected environment and develop joint strategies in line with the platform economy. But they can also find all contract information and product documentation on their company in an internal area.

The direct line to customer service

We have set up a separate account in the bank’s corporate design for each affiliated institution. Employees have access to all release information, updates and technical specifications via a single point. Communication with your CREALOGIX contacts has also been simplified so that questions can be clarified immediately. They can also use the Community Forum to get in touch with our other customers and discuss current topics and trends with their industry colleagues. The platform proves its worth in scheduling and ensures that information is not overlooked, for example, by sending messages to people who might be in the middle of a meeting.

In addition to customer service, we see the platform as an element for shaping the future together. In this way, we give visitors an insight into our future workshop WowLab, where they can get to know our latest prototypes. At the same time, we collect ideas for new products, improved features and innovative approaches. With this initiative, we would be delighted to make a contribution to a new form of banking community in order to jointly promote and shape the digitisation of banks across institutions.

If you have any questions about our products or our new community platform, I would be happy to answer them.