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In 2014, we went into business believing that the money German and Europeans were investing deserved more than the minimum rate of return. We used the opportunity to found and its European-wide subsidiary, Through our portals, customers can simply, quickly and safely open checking and savings accounts at banks across Europe. All deposits up to €100,000 are insured by the relevant national deposit insurance per customer and per bank in accordance with EU law. Our success proves that our method works — and is backed up by our numbers. Our customers can choose from more than 140 products from 31 banks in 15 European countries. More than 75,000 customers have banked more than €3 billion through our portal.

Our next step is to expand our services to business customers — starting with Germany — and continue to offer simple investment opportunities as well as expand our traditional savings account options.

Raisin’s success relies on a platform of today’s best future-thinking technology that we use to process immense amounts of data. From day one, we’ve partnered with Crealogix, which has proven time and time again to be the right decision. The market-leader in digital banking has an impeccable reputation and is known for its reliability. We knew we could trust this open banking portal to be a stable foundation, and it allows us to process large amounts of data in real time.

The Crealogix Portfolio Reduces Time-to-Market

Being able to build on the existing solutions from Crealogix means that our time-to-market was reduced to a minimum. Through our cooperation with the digital banking company, our first steps onto the market were a giant leap. From the beginning it was clear that Raisin is not a startup that is here one day and gone the next. Through the open banking platform, we were able to quickly expand our range and provide a large number of clients with investment products that meet their individual needs.

Further Expansion: Business Cooperation with Banks

We’ve completely integrated WeltSparen into the N26 online banking app. Crealogix’s open architecture allows us to simply make our offers available through other banks and business partners. This allows the customers of our partners to take advantage of our WeltSparen services without having to leave their online bank or switch apps. The integration is made possible through WeltSparen’s RESTful API.

All-round software system

The openness and  ability to integrate our banking platform will continue to be essential to us in the future. It allows us to build new partnerships, fresh business channels and turn our vision into the best marketplace for simple, seamless and safe investment products.

Raisin GmbH and WeltSparen together make up the leading European deposit marketplace. The Berlin-based startup is based on solutions built by the open banking platform Crealogix, which helps benefit customers, banks and fintechs. *Raisin’s CTO Dr. Gerhard Köstler wrote this post for our blog. Thank you very much. Dr. Gerhard Köstler is CTO at Raisin GmbH. We would like to thank him for his guest contribution and the entire Raisin team (picture).

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