Product Innovation Tour 2018: the customer journey as a road movie

The road movie is a popular film genre with a long tradition. In productions such as Easy Rider we are reminded of the pioneering spirit that made the “land of unlimited opportunity” great. Our innovative banking products support financial institutions in presenting their customers with a new customer experience. On our Product Innovation Tour 2018 we invite you to the cinema and turn the customer journey into a road movie.

Customers won’t need a horse or a motorcycle to access all that digital banking has to offer. Instead, they get to do so from the comfort of their sofa. But in their luggage for the journey to open banking, which forms the basis for a well thought-out customer journey, financial institutions will be provided with a whole range of solutions. We will present these to you during the Product Innovation Tour 2018 on 13 March in Frankfurt, the next day in Düsseldorf and finally on 17 April in Hamburg.

Learn more about our new technologies, which support the customer journey in digital banking:

  • With the CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub’s API-based architecture, you can implement the open banking of the future by integrating your own apps and using third-party ones.
  • Using the CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform you can reach your customers using a flexible and mobile solution on various apps.
  • The CREALOGIX User Experience Platform supports fast integration of new applications in one uniform view for the user.
  • The CREALOGIX Public APIs correspond to the OAuth 2.0 protocol (open authorisation) for standardised, secure API authorisation.

We provide the following solutions for financial consulting:

  • With CREALOGIX Financial Advisory Workbench, your employees always have all the information to hand for retail and private banking advice conforming to MiFID-II and IDD.
  • With the one-stop-shop solution CREALOGIX RM Dashboard, your relationship managers will always be able to stay on top of all their customer relationships.
  • We have devised CREALOGIX Bionic Robo Advisory especially for hybrid investment advice.

Our new portal solutions open up the whole spectrum of digital banking for your customers:

  • Using the multibanking-enabled CREALOGIX Business Portal, corporate customers can access all functions.
  • The CREALOGIX Retail Banking Portal strengthens your role as a principal bank in the private customer sector.
  • With the CREALOGIX Private Banking Portal, you can shape your investment advice to be as digital as your customers wish, and at the same time in a very personal way.

We hope to inspire you with our Product Innovation Tour – like any successful trip to the cinema! We recommend that you register now. Our product specialists look forward to sharing our ideas with you!

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