Mobile Banking in Europe: CREALOGIX leads IDC rankings

IDC has taken a closer look at the market for Mobile Banking solutions in Europe. The study IDC MarketScape: European Mobile Banking Software Solutions 2017 Vendor Assessment shows that with 20 years’ experience and a technologically outstanding platform, we are once again the undisputed number one.

The market analysis by IDC Financial Insights tells us that we are on the right track. With our intelligent Digital Banking Hub, we have created the foundations for innovative banking applications. Mobile Banking plays a significant role in this as it corresponds to the user behaviour of younger generations which, first and foremost, means having the ability to carry out financial transactions on their smartphones and tablets. According to the market study, our Mobile Banking software “offers a wide range of functions for both Retail and Private Banking”, which banks can adapt to their customers’ requirements on an individual basis. Another reason we have been selected as the number one for software solutions is that we offer extremely secure Mobile Banking apps with a variety of authentication options. 

Partnerships and Mobile First

In addition, the study highlights our outstanding ability to forge partnerships, both on a general technological level and through our co-operation with providers of core banking systems. It’s here that the analysts touched on our main focus – we not only offer modular Digital Banking software, but can also implement third-party solutions via our Digital Banking Hub using APIs, which in turn opens up a whole host of opportunities for banks to offer new services to their customers. With our Open Banking platform, we have demonstrated that we can open up new business models, an example of this being Raisin (

Broad customer base

Besides qualitative parameters, the rankings also take into account the number of customers using the software. As far back as 1998, we created the first pan-European Online Banking offer for Credit Suisse. In the decades since, we have managed to establish a large customer base in the Mobile Banking segment, which to date has given us an edge over the competition. IDC canvassed our reference customers and discovered that they are very satisfied with the Mobile Banking solutions we have provided.

Strategically sound and future-proof

Overall, 11 European providers fulfilled the criteria to be shortlisted as a Major Player or Leader. The better the analysts considered the solution’s potential and the provider’s market strategy to be, the higher the provider was ranked. Other important attributes taken into consideration included how the solution and the company are positioned on the market today, and how well customer needs over the next three to five years have been anticipated. As the top-ranked company, we are encouraged by this and see it as our duty to support our customers and partners with outstanding, innovative banking applications in the future.

 You can find out more about our extensive portfolio in the Mobile Banking segment here.

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