Make cash more efficient with

In 2013, we founded as a payment service provider. Nowadays we are an established FinTech partner of several banks. The business connects Point of Sale systems from circa 10,000 individual retailers across Germany. By using classic EAN 13 barcodes, we developed a system that processes customer transactions across various branches in real time. We have three current verticals: Online payments, invoice payments and banking.

Pay for online purchases in store

Our software allows end customers to use cash to pay for their online shop in store at one of our partners. When they reach the checkout, they simply choose as their payment method. Once the customer has provided a mobile number or email address, they receive a barcode per SMS or email. Shoppers can then scan this barcode or enter the associated 13-digit number at our partner shops and pay for their online purchases. The payment signal is sent to us in real-time and forwarded immediately to the online shop. Once they have the information that the payment has been made, the retailer can fulfil the order.

Pay invoices

Our product works similarly for businesses that are in the traditional large scale  customer business. End customers here receive a barcode with their invoices. Using this barcode, they can make the payment as part of their daily purchasing at one of our partners. Energy providers, insurers, telecommunications and real estate businesses use to provide their customers with the ability to pay their bills with cash.

Digitalizing cash

We’ve been co-operating with banks since 2015 to provide an infrastructure that allows for deposits and withdrawals to be processed in current accounts. Banks are enabled to offer their customers a Germany-wide network of branches where they can take care of their cash needs. This enables customers to comfortably integrate deposits and withdrawals into their daily routine. Therefore our API is integrated into a bank’s infrastructure so that customers can use their mobile app or online portal to generate a barcode. Transactions are carried out in real-time based on the payment signal of the retailer’s cash systems. The transaction is also immediately booked within the customer’s bank account. The transfer of cash is then completely digitized. No banking terminals or cards necessary.

What’s next

We’re constantly getting new ideas from our existing customers, potential new customers and partners on more products we can offer with our barcode payment system. The further agile development of our product is a key element of our strategy. To quickly and successfully evolve, open structures and platforms are a necessity for us and our customers. will be presenting at Digital Banking Day 2017. We look forward to engaging with all those who are taking part in the event.