Gravity: banking with the speaking saver

Huge impact: at FinovateEurope 2018 in London, we introduced our latest brainchild, the Gravity banking app. It got a hearty thumbs up from the audience – and the ‘Best of Show 2018’ award. Keen to learn more? Take a look at our mobile banking for the millennial generation!

When it comes to PSD2, never fear: the Gravity superapp is here. The app allows all financial information and applications to come together. It is an insight platform enabling banking customers to monitor their entire financial portfolio via one single user-friendly application. With an elegant user interface and fully developed consulting functions, Gravity creates brand new opportunities for high street banks to get customers excited and to bond with them. APIs can be used to integrate every conceivable source of information and function. This allows banks to treat the PSD2 regulation as a gateway for expanded business and provides a solid foundation for forming relationships with customers.

They gamify mobile banking for their customers and form a bond with them using a playful approach. Whether it’s an insurance policy or savings account with another provider, customers can use our banking platform to view everything at a glance and manage their finances much more effectively. As financial institutions integrate the solution into their portfolio, they thereby reduce their cancellation rates and increase their market share among young customers opening their first account. In just a few clicks, the user can turn the app into their own personal banking assistant – including a personalised background and pictures of family and friends, just as digital natives are used to from their social networks. They can conduct their banking transactions quickly, wherever and whenever they want to – it’s just as easy for them as shopping on Amazon, Zalando et al.

Smart banking – the way of today

A personal assistant saver rings with special offers and deals. When the banking customer takes their smartphone out of their pocket, they can view their personal financial status on their screen in an instant, review outstanding accounts, make payments and send their share of a restaurant bill to friends via P2P (peer-2-peer) transfers in a single click. This even makes payments fun – mobile banking with maximum fun factor, bringing the bank closer to their customers as a result. They can interact with them smoothly and position new offers in the mobile banking app user’s day-to-day life.

Gravity: benefits at a glance

With our all-round app, we have developed a sustainable solution for the key challenges banks are facing today.

  • A user-friendly platform ensures access to important information and up-to-date financial advice.
  • The app allows the user to monitor their financial affairs at all times.
  • It simplifies digital banking, making installing and opening various apps a thing of the past.
  • It offers a wide range of functions – from access to third-party accounting, accounts with other banks and instant payment to robo-advisory services and the opportunity to set your own financial targets and make progress.
  • The solution can be adapted by the user and the financial institution.
  • As the application has a modular design, financial institutions can continually improve their level of service and offer their customers new functions.

This is what it looks like when banking expertise and passion combine to create a user experience that sets the benchmark:

Gravity Demo Version

Would you like to find out more about the mobile banking of the future?

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