Forrester classifies CREALOGIX as top provider of Digital Banking Engagement Platforms

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Forrester analysts evaluated the DBEP (Digital Banking Engagement Platforms) market and rated CREALOGIX as a leading provider. We are one of the strongest players in terms of sales.

CREALOGIX is one of the few companies in the world to generate more than 70 million euros in annual sales with DBEP. Digital banking engagement platforms make a decisive contribution towards improving the customer experience of bank customers. Forrester defines a DBEP as “an advanced cross/omnichannel banking solution that delivers an integrated, seamless and comprehensive multi-touchpoint customer and employee experience, delivering true digital banking”. The consulting firm distinguishes between providers that integrate digital banking engagement platforms into a broader range of services and Pure Players. CREALOGIX has been classified as one of the Pure Players. Our Digital Banking Hub is distinguished by its outstanding digital tools, which enable us to bring new products and services to market quickly, flexibly and with a high degree of automation. We also highlighted the convenience and affordability of the SaaS model.

Easy-to-integrate Digital Banking Hub

Forrester advises that when selecting a provider, it should consider how it is helping the bank to innovate. The software should help differentiate the bank from the competition. The complexity of the integration must also be taken into account. If it is to be expected that the project will take a very long time – for example, because one’s own systems are outdated – this can be to the detriment of the innovative edge, which in the end would not win anything. Our Digital Banking Hub can be integrated without changing the core banking systems. Individual applications no longer need to be developed, but can be assembled, tested, released and delivered without long lead times.

For the report, Forrester took a close look at the DBEP of the world’s top 31 vendors. The 15 criteria examined included mobile payment, Omnichannel Banking features and API management.

You can download the Forrester Report here.

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