Digital Banking Days 2018: The Pathway to the Bank of the Future

At the Digital Banking Days on October 24 and 25, 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, we will embark on a search for “The Pathway to the Bank of the Future”. For this purpose, we have put together an exciting program around Open Banking and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the financial world.

On October 24, Internet entrepreneur and key note speaker Ibrahim Evsan will take us on a journey of how to understand and live digital leadership. His thesis: Through direct communication with companies and the ability of providing feedback on social media at any time, consumers become an important partner in product development. On the one hand, this offers the economy new opportunities, but on the other, it also sets high standards. “A networked customer expects a networked organization,” says Ibrahim Evsan.

The moment counts: Situational Banking

In the industry exchange, we enter via a small detour: Uwe Döring-Katerkamp invites us to a workshop moderated by him to gain an understanding of Situational Banking using the example of the theme world “Housing”. The transformational power of digitization is further developed in the concept of Situational Banking. According to co-initiator and board member of the iaw (Institute for Applied Knowledge) Cologne, every single moment of the relationship between bank and customer should be carefully shaped.

As an expert in customer experience, Johannes Ceh puts people at the centre of his talk. It’s about relationships – between customer and brand, employer and employee. In relationships of any kind, emotions dwell. Consequently, Michael Ferk, Managing Partner Germany at Emotion Banking, concludes: “Be different or Die – how do we bring emotions into banking?” He presents approaches that charge the customer experience emotionally and asks: “Can banks make anyone happy at all?”

Rethinking Corporate Banking

Dr. Ing. Torsten Stuska from MOONROC Advisory Partners looks at the eventful history of corporate banking “from the bearer of hope to the problem child and back again”. Business with small and medium-sized enterprises is changing rapidly and that multinational corporations are confronting the banking world with completely new requirements. Helaba has succeeded in making cooperation in this segment even more efficient and effective with a portal for major customers. Henrich Maaß, Head of Sales Service at Landesbank, will report on this.

The second conference day will start with a practical lecture on “Open Banking – Lessons Learned”. Afterwards, we will be dealing with digital ecosystems in a workshop moderated by Jana Ebner and Stefan Roßbach from consulting firm TME AG. How do banks manage to do this themselves or within a partner network? In addition, Fintech’s forward-looking use cases will be presented. Then Mariusz C. Bodek from KPMG explains how banks and insurance companies can shape the hybrid customer service.

Private Banking 4.0: The customer decides

Madeleine Sander, Head of Corporate Development at Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, provides insight into “Private Banking 4.0”, which she characterises as hybrid and agile. The customer ultimately decides on the appropriate form of advice. Madeleine Sander also asks about the role of “self-organization and group dynamics” in this context. Remaining on the topic of Wealth Management we will explore the use of Blockchains and Crypto Assets together with Christian Labetzsch, Managing Partner at micobo GmbH.

Maryam Danesh-Kajouri, our Head of Global Product Marketing, is hosting a workshop on using AI in banking. She has already summarized some thoughts in one of the last blog posts. Claus-P. Praeg from the Fraunhofer IAO (Institute for Industrial Engineering) deepens the topic: How will Artificial Intelligence transform the business world as we know it? What requirements do employees and executives have?

On 24 and 25 October 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, the Digital Banking Days will open up new perspectives and in-depth insights for all banking segments. We would be delighted for you to join us! Register now so that we can develop “The Pathway to the bank of the future” together!

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