Commended: Raisin and CREALOGIX have been nominated for a Diamond Star

Together with Raisin GmbH, Berlin, we entered the competition for a Diamond Star 2017. German business daily newspaper Handelsblatt uses the reward to recognize outstanding digital innovations in banking. We’re delighted to be one of the three nominated finalists!

Our partner Raisin used our Open Banking Platform to create its innovative business model. Through the interest rate market place and, customers can open accounts with financial institutions across Europe. Through our portals, they have access to more than 140 products offered by 31 banks from 15 European countries. What makes Raisin different is that it doesn’t offer its own interest rate services: It is simply provides the infrastructure that brings market participants together – an AirBnB for investment.

What Raisin offers is meeting the demands of what today’s customers want according to market research. According to a European-wide study from, 65 percent of people in Germany use their mobile devices to do their online banking. The Norwegians lead this group with 95 percent of people doing their banking online. Other financial applications, such as digital payment transfers, are becoming increasingly popular. In a digital payment study conducted by Visa last year, more than half of the 36,000 respondents from 19 European coutnries said they regularly paid for products and serices on a mobile device.

Online banking hub enables new business models

Unlike traditional financial institutions, technological innovations are like the DNA of Raisin’s startup success. As a digital-only business, it plays a pioneering role in digital banking. CREALOGIX has been part of the interest rate market place from the beginning. Over the past three years, our Open Banking hub has been a stable platform for Raisin’s applications. The solution works smoothly and can seamlessly process large amounts of data in realtime.

The partnership is proof that our technology lets companies quickly realise new business models – and they work, technologically and can keep up with demand. For this reason, we felt confident that now was the time to shoot for Handelsblatt’s “Diamond Star 2017”. The winner will be announced at the 22nd annual Handelsblatt “Bank Disruption” event. Many leaders of the big banks will be there, as well as featuring speakers from today’s hottest Fintechs, including Valentin Stalf, the CEO of N26, which is today’s market leader in digital banks.

Innovative: Products, Technology, Strategy

Raisin is expanding its offering through N26. Our open API architecture fosters new sales strategies: The services can be seamlessly integrated into the online portals belonging to our partners. Customers can partially use WeltSparen without having to leave their bank’s online portal or app. As a three-way partnership, we’ve entered into the final rounds of the Handelsblatt honor: Raisin offers the market a new banking product and is breaking ground by marketing itself through digital partnerships and we’re making the future-thinking technology available for it to do so.

We are eager to see if this ultimately impresses the jury. Come meet us at the Handelsblatt conference in Frankfurt am Main on September 6 and September 7 and attend the award ceremony on September 7, 2017.

Here you can learn more how the Digital Banking Hub can enable you to build up and expand your future business possibilities.

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