Asset planning – the 360° consulting solution for Private Banking at Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken

Regional co-operative banks – called Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken – wanting to improve their Private Banking advice and make it even more professional use asset planning from ELAXY | CREALOGIX, a high-quality, holistic consulting solution that puts the aims and wishes of private customers at the very heart of things. The solution is connected to agree21 via a proven interface.

Co-operative banks shouldn’t hide behind other credit institutions when it comes to advising wealthy Private Banking customers. However, the particularly co-operative values, proximity to customers and high-quality, comprehensive advice make co-operative banks the perfect partners for Private Banking. Instead of “off-the-peg” advice, co-operative banks now need to offer tailor-made, professional asset planning with long-term prospects. Traditional, co-operative values, such as reliability and transparency are more relevant than ever.

Discerning customers need a discerning solution

With asset planning from ELAXY | CREALOGIX we are supporting advisers at regional co-operative banks with comprehensive, personalised and legally reliable advice they can offer their discerning Private Banking customers. The consulting solution offers plenty of added value, which refines advice and introduces the professional possibilities of predictive asset planning to the experts. The solution is connected to agree21 via an interface, so that all customer data and information already in the modules can be used without having to be added again.

Optimum support for a high-quality consultation process

With asset planning from ELAXY | CREALOGIX advisers receive an overview of the customer’s total assets by using private balance sheets, and can also retrieve a future simulation with the financial planning software. In addition, the software solution offers numerous networked planning options for the Private Banking consulting process, as well as the ability to create an action plan across all consulting themes. Instead of focusing on one, specific consulting theme, as was previously the case for most, advisers can now have a wider view than just individual themes and can offer their customers truly 360° advice that lives up to its name. The requirement for regional co-operative banks to offer their customers comprehensive, professional advice, can be easily implemented using asset planning. So in the end, everyone gets much more. The bank is perfectly prepared for the future of asset planning in Private Banking and the bank’s customers benefit from highly professional, legally compliant, and above all far-sighted asset advice.

Want to know more about asset planning from ELAXY | CREALOGIX for Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken? Discover the consulting solution now with no obligation in a webinar or a personal meeting at your premises!

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